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petaluma hill road and out highway 12 heading to the east we have more on the way in fact marin county about to get slammed by heavier rain we are starting to see a little push to the south and east. the heart of the bay at 7:00, san francisco and oakland and starting to slide southward down in the south bay by about 9:00. if you can get out now you are going to have a dry commute.'2eh the morning hours. waves of showers this afternoon. heavy rain possible again tonight through sunday we'll have rain in the forecast the only day we don't have rain, monday. here's the timing, traveling today shopping, school, whatever, you can see the yellows showing up well here at 7:00 from 80 down through oakland and san francisco, see how it moves into the7÷i#z south bay by 9:00? the front still north. we'll still have heavier rain around noon along the front and then it becomes scattered waves of showers during the afternoon. evening hours overnight, heavier rain back in the north bay by midnight into the heart of the bay by 4:00, out of the south bay bye82$ 8:00, tomorrow during the day we will
. >> a flood warning in effect for sonoma a county. petaluma reporting flooding there and pen grove park and stony brook road. 30 degrees at the tahoe valley airport. 34 truckie. the winds picking up. the winter storm warning continues until 4:00 tomorrow morning. close her to home, mount tam very strong winds. lots of heavy rain. and the flooding i talked about we will show you petaluma and the points around it in just a moment. our roof camera looking at some very, very soggy conditions. so live doppler 7hd just filling the screen with moderate to heavy rain all throughout the bay area as the strong cold front pushes onshore. so first up, up in the north bay where you are looking at the heavy rain from sonoma, napa, petaluma. highway 101. some of this is the higher elevations where not a lot of people live but as you get closer down to highway 1 here and that is where we are looking at the flooding over the old bridge there. really take some care there. and the rain will continue to pick up for the next couple of hours. so you need to get on out of that area up in petaluma. around the
recovering from the last storm. >> reporter: the rain, a light rain started coming down in petaluma just about 20 minutes ago. we're standing in front of the petaluma river, one of many rivers in the north bay that were edging toward flood stage with this series of storms over the weekend, the heaviest on sunday. since then we've had one dry day. the river levels are going down. that's unlikely to change with this rain. this is miller creek in marin wood, scene of a search and rescue by firefighters yesterday when teenagers reportedly playing here were fear swept away. no one of found. today the creek has slowed, much of the danger passed. some rivers are still raging. this is the russian river near forestville. >> so there is kind of a beach in the middle of us here. was a beach. >> george owns river bend rv park much he says these trees which you can only see the tops of now are 20 feet tall. he says the river is running about 30 feet deep. it did not reach flood stage. but it's far from normal. >> last tuesday about four feet deep. >> all these trees were showing and there was a beach
south;o of santa rosa stone any point redwood drive petaluma hill that whole area getting heavy rain some of the heaviest where valley ford and walker road connect where we had the reds a few seconds ago. to the south heading towards novato watch out on novato boulevard as you come into novato from the west this is slowly sinking south right now anywhere south of9(f the north bay not raining but it is going to be in the heart of the bay in about an hour and probably south bay by 8:00 9:00. >>> good morning. flooding where mike was talking about in theÑco! windsor area north 101 windsor river road high winds on all bridges extra caution late traffic coming into san francisco still two lanes in the southbound direction they will reconfigure that as the commute getsomw)r underway light trafficxpiq! 87 in san jose past hp pavilion i wanted you to see some of the drive times up and over the altamont pass, highway 4 westbound east shore freeway from the car seen -- carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze under 20 minutes.$+k patience and persistence that's what you will need flying out o
cruise along highway 101, notice petaluma you are seeing heavy rain here. this is just the beginning. as we progress to the morning drive we will watch this as it shifts south. we are picking up light scattered showers along novato and highway 101. the winds are blowing. we have a wind advisory in place for some areas. i'll share that with you and show you what to expect for your weekend coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing pretty well. you mentioned the winds rosemary, it might be trouble for you if you drive a small car on the bay area bridge. just use extra care or an a causeway like this one. you might feel the wind blowing on your car a little bit. it's one of the small cars pretty small. no major problems reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 4:30 let's go back to the desk. >>> san francisco international airport is gearing up for what could be the busiest day holiday travel day of the season. allie rasmus is live there at the airport with information on how many passengers could pass the airport today. >> reporter: it's supposed to b
for sonoma county, including the city of petaluma, the western area of the county. there are several creeks and streams there, including the petaluma river. looks like there will be localized flooding. >> our particular concern is the point is willowbrook and pin grove park at the old redwood highway bridge, and willowbrook and stoney brook road. watch out. the warning is in affect until almost 1:00 this afternoon. if you are going out this morning and you are in that neighborhood, be careful. >> we will keep you posted. sonoma county near petaluma. >>> and meanwhile, we have another big storm move into the entire bay area. >> yes. let's go over to elizabeth wenger looking at the weather throughout the bay area. >> yes. you can really see it. we have had flash flood flood warnings and wind advise i since overnight, pretty much in the entire bay area, set to expire at 1:00 this afternoon in the north and east bay. this is what is going on. heavy to moderate light systems flew the bay area. this is what it looks like from the view of the roof camera. a lot of readings in the 50s as far
bridge extra care there. petaluma south 101 at washington this accident is in the median, just gettingqq heavy rain through that area too water may have been a fact for san ramon valley from highway 24 dublin pleasanton, 15 minutes,]e san rafael 101 towards golden gate plaza, not bad dry east shore commute from the carquinez bridge high winds into the macarthur maze under 20 minutes. >>> 5:10. >> next, dramatic images of a ten touching down as a number of twisters hit part of the deep south. >>> now that christmas is over, we'll tell you when you can put your tree on the curb to make sure it stays -- >>> "wall street journal"Ñe:c2 reports obama administration is thinking of expanding refinancing programs. borrowers whose mortgages are not backed by the government andover more than the homes are worth may be eligible soon. tom economist believes housing will be one of the bright spots of the economy next year he says housing will improve over the next three to four years, better sales, more construction and higher prices. china now has the longest high speed rail line in the world more t
street in downtown petaluma, california, but it could be anywhere, u.s.a. this is where small businesses live. small businesses that create two out of every three new jobs in the u.s. tonight you're going to meet some of the people behind those businesses and find out how they plan to keep building those businesses. we begin with the housing market, ground zero for the recession. from construction to appliance makers, when it collapsed it took a lot of very good companies down with it. but here's one that has managed to learn how to paint over the rough spots. you can brush it on, you can roll it on, you can get it on your pants. paint. the kelly moore plant in san carlos, california, turns out nearly 40,000 gallons a day. it's one of the largest employee-owned paint operations in the u.s. part of a $13 billion industry domestically. 140 workers in the 15 acre san carlos facility, 1,500 world wide, including 150 retail outlets in seven states. >> we own currently 58% of the stock and the rest of the stock is owned by the moore family. >> mike: you like white? they got it. you like -- the
. >>> in fact rain showers had to be updated and there is some rain to the north of petaluma and moving towards parts of the east bay and the north bay. just outside of crocket it is now centered over the venetia area and in san francisco out towards oakland and out towards market street and out towards the marinas. increasing rainfall rates in the alameda region will be told in the next few minutes. you will notice this might be a little enhanced near the radar but there are still some downpours, and your santa cruz mountains checking in at 44. yesterday we had the rain move through and we have the cold air today and it is unstable air and as a result we have an increase in clouds and downpours and the possibility of hail. that will be an increase with readings in the 40s. scattered showers still each into the afternoon hours we will hold onto the chance of lingering showers. temperatures are mainly in the 50s, santa rosa 51 antioch 53 and here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. keep the umbrella handy and get ready for random downpours for wednesday. we have a chance of a few showers
and overflowed into pen grove community park in petaluma, water barely squeezed under a bridge and rats had their sandbags ready. on c estate in downtown, the petaluma river crept up to the illinois of the road. >> this is significant. it typically doesn't get this high here, but it's a place to watch. it can go in the streets downtown. >> further up the petaluma river where flood control walls were built years ago, will brown walked his sons to a bridge to assess the water level. >> we always come down to see how the refer is doing. takes a while to build up like this. >> this stretch is going to be opening within the next few minutes. also making pretty quick work or pg&e crews. throughout the day they had 8,000 people without power, and that has slowly decrease. right now, latest reports are 3200 customers without power in the north bay for pg&e. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> ama: highway 1 at devil slide is now open. chp says an officer was able to clear the roadway quickly, buts' debris remained. traffic in both directions is running smoothly, but county officials was
but look at the yellow. the green is indicating petaluma, 5:11 a.m.. and by noon, it has basically showing a moderate towards the peninsula, and also some occasional gusts even the thunderstorms roared i am concerned about even the of downed trees because of the feminists light of the light traffic there are still a couple >> despite the light there is a vehicle overturned on the 5800, nimitz freeway. they thought that they had been cleared by now but it is still, overturns. there have been two cars that have over collided collided with the- overturned vehicle for also, there is a collision that was the head on collision, northbound, with a cellphone vehicle at this landfill. >> merry christmas. breakfast is served at the whiligh had to colat glide.. h, dolly. >> good morning, darya. darya? >> yes, and we can see that they are carving to a peace. 5000 meals will be served today. >> we are serving scrambled, him, for instance, oranges and hot coffee ham and biscuits. a 7-830 to ride and we will be switching over to our christmas lunch floor crafwhat is involved witha christmas in debt afte
we are okay and alive. >> reporter: wild weather slammed the north bay. in petaluma, a power pole on g street could not stand up to heavy winds. the wet weather also makes it difficult for those who -- who have to drive and deliver all day. >> it's killing us. it has to be done. customers have to get to our boxes and people have to have their christmas presents. >> it's kind of annoying but it's okay, you know. it's not the worst problem in the world. >> reporter: mike, it's so windy out here. i have to plant my feet so i don't blow over on the richmond/ran ralph fell bridge. the san mateo -- san rafael bridge. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> good afternoon. it's just messy out there. you saw from lorraine's report. you probably felt it this morning. hit the north bay earlier today. over the last couple of hours you can see the time lapse over the last few hours. it's moved through the central and south bay. at this time, it's actually tapered off a little bit as the first in a series of storms continues to march through the bay area. we've got some light rain over santa
from petaluma. >> all the soil holding the water. >>reporter: leland says he has been down this road before. or at least his parking lot has. now submerge the in up to 2 and a half feet of water. >> the first place petaluma the only place that's left in petaluma. there's been a lot of work done to contain flooding downstream and ever since that work has been done this happens to us at least once or twice a year. >> not far away this morning heavy downpour turned this creek one that was barely back three days ago that a fast moving father way. overflow the bank near office complex on north mcdowell boulevard. >> about 4 and a half feet from yesterday. yesterday we were seeing ground grass and puddles whereas the ground was saturated. if you can believe the prediction of the rain that we are supposed to get, this will flood. >>reporter: those who haven't had the water encroach on them yet are doing what they can to make sure it doesn't. next round of heavy rain line up off the coast. rob works for rerefrigeration company on north petaluma boulevard sits in a low spot near the p
are saying the fire was connected to a stolen truck. >>> we're live in petaluma where a freeze warning is in effect. we'll tell you which other parts of the bay area are also effected. >>> more funerals today as connecticut continues to search for answers in last week's deadly school shooting. the very important announcement about guns coming from the president in just a couple of hours. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. middle of the week. wednesday, december 19th. i'm dave clark. >> is it the 19th? yes it is. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's so cold it felt like tahoe. >> the day froze on me, steve. >> i understand. we do have a freeze warning out for the north bay. frost advisory elsewhere. temperatures are cold. let's get to them. 20s to the north. if there is even some in the santa cruz mountains it will be cool today but change in the weather is showing up. >>> good morning. southbound 680 traffic looks good as you drive past mission boulevard. also the morning commute is looking good in san francisco off t
on christmas day. in petaluma, it causes flooding on highway 101 and that didn't stop cars from plowing through the water. chp$laç5z tells us there was one accident because of this water. driving on highways of 101 was a mess. the visibility was poor and because of the rain it was standing water in sections of highway that causes the wet stuff to go everywhere. while i was driving i saw a car hydroplane across four lanes of traffic and the driver's wheels caught before he crashed. tonight's weather is the improvement over what it was. in the north bay, jr, news. >> the rain causes problems in san francisco. scott continues from fisherman's wafsh. >> it's causing problems for drivers and all the water is flooding onto the street and drivers out here finding themselves facing challenges when they come out to drive. let me show what i'm talking about. i'm at the fishing man's warf and look at the water here. people had to drive through this and you can see it's coming up high to my boot. 6) in several parts of the streets causing major headaches for drivers. >> as the rain continues to fall tonig
squeeze into a 15-pound block of cheese? at the petaluma creamery in petaluma, california, not quite enough of the last. why did you buy it? >> i wanted to saving a which you are in sonoma county. >> mike: that's a tall order. anybody ever told you you were nuts? >> oh, yes. many a times. >> mike: larry peter bought the 99-year-old petaluma creamery in 2004. it was idle, about to be torn down. a dairyman, peter owns 300 head of jersey milking cows, they roam free on his ranch in two rock, organic to nth degree. a first-generation farmer, peter cobbled together a living from the land, milk, a pumpkin patch in the fall, farmer's markets. but after nearly two decades, he needed to do something to increase revenue. >> i figured if i could cut out the middleman, grow the feed, milk the cow, make the cheese and sell the product to the customer i would be able to help pay my mortgage better. >> mike: so he bought the creamery, bringing in milk for more than 30 dairies in northern california, saving them the transportation cost to creameries three and four hours away and giving him the milk
in petaluma where willowbrook creek is a good example. k. he ra. >> katie, two days ago willowbrook creek was completely empty. yesterday it filled almost to its limit. it's happening all over sonoma county. rivers and creeks filling either to their limits or unfortunately in some cases over their limits. one man tells us he watched the banks of the russian river rise to 17 feet yesterday. he was packing his belongings. this morning he's planning to head for higher ground. >> i think it will be up to here because the flood stage or the expectations at gurnville is 32 feet. >> flood signs popped up across highways and low lying back roads. some drivers ignored those warning signs, you can see, and tried to cross anyway with no luck. a windsor resident said he pulled three cars out of a flooded part of the road. the russian river, meanwhile, is expected to reach its capacity, but not surpass that throughout this weekend. but residents we've spoken with say they are focused on tomorrow. both their preparations and concerns for tomorrow's storm. reporting live in petaluma, abc7 news. >> and
in sonoma county. we have a flood warning and it has been flooding in petaluma and willow creek. you can see the back edge of the front. this is where the winds have died off and the rains have ended. still some very heavy rain through novato and southward. and there is also flooding reported in marin county with a flood warning through 10:15 from the creek to the east bay, hercules and vaw knee shaw, 580. flooding in santa cruz, santa clara county. moderate rain in fremont and gusty winds in union city. on the peninsula, a heavy downpour and winds have lightened up here. but still some light rain. the front has yet to move through san francisco. some heavier rain on the peninsula from woodside to 280 and flooding is happening in the santa cruz mountains. we are looking at rain rates of an inch an hour and another additional inch is forecasted. take a look at these current wind gusts. you can see where the front has moved through. it is breezy and dangerous out there. and throw 10:15 we will be looking at flooding imminent, and then beyond that the creeks and the streams will be draining int
around 2:00 tomorrow morning. it's expected to crest at 35 feet around noon. >>> the petaluma river may also reach flood stage within a few hours. this video from friday shows an industrial avenue parking lot that's always the first spot to flood. the petaluma fire department says it will be out patrolling and will not issue any further statements. if more flooding does occur, they will respond to calls for assistance. residents are urged to call 911 if they need help. >>> along the coast high surf is the big thing this morning. the wind and rain producing treacherous waves. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live near the pier in pacifica. good morning, nick. >> good morning, carolyn. you mentioned treacherous waves. you know the national weather service says we could see waves as high as 14 to 16 feet. take a look over my shoulder because this is what it's all about right now. the win and the waves. you know, we are experiencing a bit of a break from the two major storms that moved through the area. but all of that is over now. the wind in combination with the saturated ground from days
at the waze app, 101 through petaluma into novato spotters are reporting fog visibility could be affected. download this app to get around your commute, free on the apple app store and google play. >>> 6:02. breaking news near livermore two chp officers injured when their car flipped during a high speed chase this is altamont pass, the pursuit started 3:30 this morning near isabel avenue in livermore officers were chasing a speeding driver through a construction zone when they flipped. officers were taken to the hospital to be checked out. kira klapper will have more in a live report in a few minutes. >>> happening now we are waiting for the u.s. supreme court to reveal within the next hour whether it will weigh in on same-sex marriage. the court is expected to announce whether it will review the legality of prop 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. the court may take up federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to same-sex couples flash flood the court does review prop 8, a ruling will come -- before june if the justices refuse to hear the case lower court decision
. >> we have some report of rain from just one of our twitter followers in petaluma area. that says it's going that way. i'm going to ask rosemary. moe mary is is the paid television >> i think rosily -- also the morning compute the toll plaza is light. we are expecting a if day today. and this morning if you are driving from the livermore valley to castro valley it's off to a good start. >>> hello mastery. you know what i -- take the center lea it actually helps prevent possible possibling on the highway. giving you a look at storm tracker two. boy is etenning. hasn'ts to bring refers water right through. many breezy in the areas. we've got pretty good rain falling athe wind advisory for the north by be the but we've got rain falling from himself burg down into santa rosa. along old adobe road. it's just a steady rain going on. novato seeing pretty good rain over the city. near redwood boulevard. you are going to find this. over the sierra pretty much dry. we have a snow level above 3,000 feet later today. and a winter storm warning starting this morning and lasting the entire weekend
with the jungle. >> thank you, yes, you are right with china would-- >> a janu? >> janu: good petaluma, napa and the russian river exceeding its flood stages. the russian river tomorrow afternoon you can see this have the band through berkeley and oakland. with 1 in. per hour. and the inland areas we're also going to see that even impacting the coast. the red for montero and tracking it out on futurecast. the wind speeds at 15-20 with 30 in oakland. this system is fast moving with the gusting winds it will press for by 10:00 a.m. release slamming the south bay but also some clearing expected in the north bay and also clear for this afternoon. a fast-moving system but it is still hitting us hard. (music) we will have a dry monday but we could see your kron 4 7 day around the bay showers by midweek. >> fire crews responding to into a-alarm fire at the san francisco zoo this was about 1:00 p.m.. massive largest heated saltwater pool. fire crews responded to a two-alarm fire near the san ()* *vo * )á the fire started in the historic fleishhacker pool building next to the zoo parking lot around
but this is one of the trouble spots. one of the first to flood in this area. heavy rains move into petaluma that is what happened this morning. and overnight, into the north bay. willow brook creek began to overrun banks. think of this as a water way because it was so low this week. here on industrial avenue water front caused the parking lot to flood. >> this disrupts our ability to brait the company. we can't load from the dock. our employees zront a place to park. >> this water came up quickly this morning. we're hoping it stays where it is now. >> that is a gentleman that live as long the petaluma river. this is a refrigeration business near the river. it hasn't flooded in years. when it did it was in conditions like this. with high tides projected to be at seven feet on sunday, the concern is that that river with grounds saturated that river and creeks like the one behind this property will overflow again. we'll hear more from folks getting ready for this weekend's new round of systems tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see new an hour, take a look the at mess on busy wine street this morning i
. all were 3 in. and have miranda, 2 in. in petaluma, and nearly that much in dublin, as we take a look of the stormtracker 4 radar. some light showers continuing near santa rosa, highway 101, windsor. and towards concord, some rainfall earlier but it has been pressing to the east. taking a look of the satellite and radar we are continuing to see the northern california for this hour we are continuing to see this thumb of moisture. this band of march of a disturbing for northern california. we are still warm to see these showers. this low system with a branch off here bringing plenty of rainfall to the coastline. here is what we can expect with a spotty showers and mainly dry conditions on/off. it will be steady but much lighter than what we saw today. towards the sunday, heavy rainfall, gusting wind. you will time it out on futurecast with rainfall totals coming up in just a bit. >>pam: the north bay has been the hardest hit area so far... kron 4's dan kerman has more on damage ... this round of rain left behind. >> in the mill valley on friday night public works crews were still at
of patchy fog. petaluma and santa rosa and north bay. we have high clouds. near 60 for almost everybody. >>> four people were found shot to death outside of a oklahoma in southern california. the bodice of two men and women were found early sunday morning. the victims were face down along an outer walkway outside what appeared to be an unlicensed boarding house. no arrests have been made. >>> a member of the coast guard is dead and another member hurt after their small boat was rammed off the southern california coast. they were in a small boat and investigating reports of smuggling off the channel islands. their boat was rammed by a smugglers boat that was running without lights. terrell horn and another person were thrown into the water by the impact. horn suffered traumatic injury and died. his crew mate were treated for minor injuries. >>> this weekend storm brought major problems to the south bay. a man, woman, and child were stuck in their car after milpitas became flooded. many people living in milpitas have started to stock up on sandbags to prepare for the next storm. >> we wer
they have been. pet lum asanta rose -- petaluma, santa rosa. through the night and for tomorrow, rain moving in, and the heaviest of the rainfall which won't be that heavy but it'll have a high impact because it's going to be calling between 7:00 and 9:00 tomorrow morning. find out what happens after this rain-maker moves out. >>> and you can track the rain anytime with our doppler radar on our website. >>> the housing market is making a big exact. u.s. home prices raised more than 6% in october compared to a year ago. that is the greatest yearly gain since july 2006. prices increased in 45 states in october including california. >> we're considerably higher in the bay area than the rest of the country. our entry level homes are tough. so when you start sees homes in the east bay for $250,000, people are lining up for them. >> what's making home buying more affordable? mortgage rates are near record low, while rents are on the rise. >>> we are due to fall off the fiscal cliff in four weeks. tonight each side still insists the other's plan is impossible. republicans have dismissed the pres
system is -- well, it was in the north bay last night. half inch in petaluma. lesser amounts south. it is dragging through. it's a very slow mover. it will give us a gray day today. bursts of moderate. some of the heavier rain right now just about interstate 80 heading from berkeley to crockett. you can see what is coming in. this is the weakest of all four systems that arrive. it's still giving us rain. it will weaken considerably when we move south. occasionally we will get no rain at all. were crockett over to richmond, hercules, pinole. a little bit there. there it is. you can see a little enhancement around hercules. occasionally we get that pockets of moderate rain. really this is a much weaker system as it moves south. very mild. very warm. 50s and 60s on the temps. really there is not any clearing taking place today. it will just be a very overcast day with occasionally rain, drizzle, or lighter rain. a lot of fog. temperatures very mild. 60s on the temps. top to bottom. we are starting off at 58-59. it will end slowly weaken tonight and fall apart down toward santa cruz mo
bay. i will pan in as we take you down to street level. you will start to notice around petaluma and sue trough avenue we are seeing some light to moderate rainfall. as we go down toward the east bay and the peninsula, you will notice light to moderate rain around the dunbar ton bridge and heading out toward newark, newark boulevard and fremont area. and there is some mixed precipitation that is just to the north of the clear lake area. this is an indication as to how cold this storm is. this storm could even bring snow at low-levels over the bay area 's highest peaks. >> thank you. the search continued late into the night for possible victims of a mall shooting in oregon. police say a man opened fire into a crowd of holiday shoppers killing two before killing himself. it happened at the clackimus mall. and tonight we are hearing from terrified shoppers who escaped. >> reporter: witnesses say it was absolute chaos. >> we heard a big bang and we covered our ears and got down, and then all of a sudden we heard rapid fire, bang, bang. i took off running. >> reporter: the shots were
will start to notice around petaluma and sue trough avenue we are seeing some light to moderate rainfall. as we go down toward the east bay and the peninsula, you will notice light to moderate rain around the dunbar ton bridge and heading out toward newark, newark boulevard and fremont area. and there is some mixed precipitation that is just to the north of the clear lake area. this is an indication as to how cold this storm is. this storm could even bring snow at low-levels over the bay area 's highest peaks. >> thank you. the search continued late into the night for possible victims of a mall shooting in oregon. police say a man opened fire into a crowd of holiday shoppers killing two before killing himself. it happened at the clackimus mall. and tonight we are hearing from terrified shoppers who escaped. >> reporter: witnesses say it was absolute chaos. >> we heard a big bang and we covered our ears and got down, and then all of a sudden we heard rapid fire, bang, bang. i took off running. >> reporter: the shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> it was really loud, and it
, this petaluma river. vic lee sent this photo of a fallen tree that crushed a car on crescent avenue in san mateo. we would like to share your pictures send them to ureport. >>> 4:36. i stayed in all day yesterday. and i'm blaming the weather. >>> let's check in with mike. >>> that was probably a good idea that way you weren't running in the cold rain. good morning. nothing showing up the last three hours on live doppler, whether radar returns or satellite, we have fog forming, patchy east bay valleys, north bay more localized and dense around novato 1 and 3/4 mile visibility, a quarter of a mile in santa cruz. santa cruz 38°, a lot of low to mid 40s inland, antioch and san rafael 48. 50 half moon bay. 45 mountain view, san jose oakland 48 in san francisco and fremont. today 40s patchy fog through 7:00 this morning. partly cloudy noon, low to mid 50s. high clouds this afternoon, low to mid 50s cooler this evening than last evening and drier with low to mid 40s by 7:00. tuesday, christmas day, rain comes back. scattered showers wednesday and dry thursday. >>> is that our gift rain christmas day?
and santa rosa and tib by ron. as i take you down to street level, ignacio and petaluma and san francisco lighter returns although i am getting reports from at dgp1 and coming down from daly city to south san francisco. he is coming down toward the peninsula and toward the east bay. lighter rainfall totals a the this hour. i will be back to tell you exactly how much rain we will receive, and when it will be safe to put the umbrellas away. dan, a complete look at the forecast coming up. >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>> a tragedy tonight outside the golden gate. two people are dead and a third is rescued. they were all swept into the water off point bonita cove. thomas roman is live with this developing story. thomas? >> officials believe the three victims were actually fishing when they were swept out to sea. there has been a high surf advisory issued earlier this evening that went from san francisco to the mendocino coast. now let's look at the scene from sky 7 earlier this evening. now, this was about 4:30, 5:00. what occurred was at about 4:00 the marin county sheriff's department rece
? abc 7 news is live in petaluma with help. >> hi, dan. some have and people"llj petaluma are doing it all in preparations for the freezing temperaturewjokb >> that is always a problem with something. >> for this rose grower, tonight's frost is nothing new. >> a lot of temperatures reaching into low to mid-30s wex know how to deal with this. >> the grower has no choice but to deal with the cost that comes with it. natural gas pipes run steam through nurseries keeping green houses and roses warm, aiming to keep the green house about 62 degrees but on a night below 30 outside that, is a 50% to 75% increase. hundreds of dollars more each cold night. >> we zront a choice with the crop. we've prepared our valentine's day crop. >> people with outdoor plants should water them before the freezing temperatures hit. and then, use a frost cloth to cover them overnight. >> by cover them, you don't want the frost cloth to be on top of the plant. you want it raised up a little bit. so what we'd use is cloth draped over that. >> this is raising to the level that those plants are going to survive t
the bay area and the weather is causing problems. power lines came down in petaluma at g and 8th streets pg&e worked to secure that area. >> here's a live look on mount sue tremendous in san francisco, you can see the low clouds --> good morning i'm katie marzullo. >> i'm eric thomas. kristen sze and cheryl jennings have the day off. we begin with mike tracking the storm with live doppler 7 hd. >>> start with looking at broader picture. good morning. you can see a lot of blue, green, yellows, ons showing up moved into the heart of the bay -- bay and south bay strongest cell moving throughout the east bay valleys, all the way out towards livermore pulling away from san ramon, danville and alamo, heaviest rain towards oakley, brentwood, stockton, tracy. one morsel on alpine road westwood drive to the -- west of belmont towardsf$byñ los alt. heaviest of the rain over in the north bay. you can see a lynn developing going to be another push of -- see a line developing to be another push for the afternoon and evening. danger -- dangerous surf at the coast until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon waves u
aguas que preocupan la ciudad. 6 45 head line los arroyos de san anselmo, petaluma y corte madera tambien son vigilados en estos momentos, pero este clima ha traido serias consecuencias al aeropuerto internacional de san francisco que llega a presentar mas de hora y media de retrazo en algunos vuelos por consecuencia s climaticas. cesar ---ahora nos enlazamos con los arroyos de san anselmo, petaluma y corte madera tambien son vigilados en estos momentos, pero este clima ha traido serias consecuencias al aeropuerto internacional de san francisco que llega a presentar mas de hora y media de retrazo en algunos vuelos por consecuencia s climaticas. cesar ---ahora nos enlazamos con ariel rodriguez quien nos tiene informacion sobre la lluvia... ariel.. cesar ---esta maÑana, un incendio de 3 alarmas puso en alerta a los residentes de campbell take vo ---el siniestro se registr en un edificio donde se fabrican baterias y partes para vehiculos electricos sobre la calle "division" y la avenida "dell" ---los bomberos no pudieron ingresar al lugar ya que las llamas alcanzaron unos 50 pies de
amount of time. >> reporter: and this is stoney point road, just south of here, in petaluma, there has been a flash flood warning in effect for most of the day and for good reason. you can see the streets and fields are overwhelmed. this mobile-home park had a fire crew posted there, but residents tell me that they worked hard to keep their drains cleared and didn't have any problems. we're back live at the sinkhole that has been patched up. the road is open. but this is of course just one of many trouble spots? north bay. we'll be watching for more and have the latest for you tonight at 10:00. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> floor flood warns having expired for the petaluma area, but we still have heavy rain across parts of bay area, really to the east bay the south bay and santa cruz mountains. san mateo county and parts of santa clara county extending into portions of the santa cruz county. this is a flash flood warning for the town of pescadero until 7:00. the river levels have been near flood stage and out towards san lorenzo river and felton grove area. a flash flood wa
. >>> caught on tape flames seen shooting from a home in petaluma last night. how firefighters were able to get the people inside out safely. >>> welcome back. in petaluma firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that sent flames shooting from the garage of a home. the fire broke out around 5:30 last night on tampico court. everyone inside the home was able to get out safely. damage is statemented at $200,000. >>> police are searching for more information surrounding the death of man that was shot multiple times near a golf course in livermore. a jogger discovered the body just before 7:30 saturday morning. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. about 30 people showed up last night for a vigil to honor ogdon. >>> the oakland police department is reviewing surveillance video and talking to people who witnessed the death of a 15-year-old girl shot and killed yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. authorities believe the suspect is also young. 13-16 years old. it happened when the teen was walking with friends through the lion creek crossing housing project. the gunman opene
and a half. >>> icy conditions are plameed for accident in petaluma this morning. the driver of a pickup truck hit black ice and caused the vehicle to flip on its side on petaluma south. there are no reports of injuries. steve paulson joins us in ten minutes to tell us how long this chilly weather will remain in the area. >>> oakland police are checked to release the name in the shooting death of a 15-year-old gill. the teen was running with friends yesterday afternoon when a gunman opened fire on the group. a 14-year-old boy was also shot. he ran a full city block and hid until police arrived. police have been reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses in hopes of identifiy the suspect. >>> san jose fire investigators continue to look for a cause in a fatal fire that claimed the lives of a young girl and her grandparents everyone the fire broke out late knight in a second floor apartment on bridgeport court in west san jose. the 5-year-old man, his wife -- the 56-year-old man, his wife and daughter died in the fire. the fire damaged several other units. the fire displaced d
in 2005. awc 7 news reporter was w.more now from petaluma. >> from yesterday, about four and a half feet from yesterday, yesterday, we're seeing ground, grass, puddle autos andrew knows the creek well, is behind his office building. he knew rain was coming. still, volume of water appearing suddenly in the creek was still a surprise. but at least water is staying in the creek for now. near ron york park, emergency crews were on scene assessing this situation before dawn. petaluma river made a mess at stoney point road. >> we need new kayak autos bobby has a mobile home with brand new floor autos this water came up quickly this morning. we're hoping it stays where it is right now. so we don't get wet. >> people are watching and waiting as the drenching is not done, yet. amazing the amount of water, if we've got three more days there is no way the banks are going to hold that. >> police say it is business as usual. they don't have plans for extra patrols during this storm. in petaluma, abc 7 news. >> we have full resources for you on how to stay safe during the season. >> you'll find prepar
of tomales and petaluma road. in pacifica, crabbers are playing it safe. they won't head back out for at least two more days. >> back here, public crews were patching up potholes from the last storm that swept through here. they expect to have a lot of work to do in the coming days. >>> crews in mendocino are preparing a huge sinkhole that opened up just as truck was driving by on 162 this morning, the semi was torn apart when the gaping hole gave way but the driver was not hurt. caltrans is working to have the road passable some time today. >> you may remember a sinkhole in lafayette earlier this month. it has been repaired. the mayor ghrialtd crews for getting it fixed by yesterday which was ahead of schedule. >> a 56-year-old woman has died from her injuries after a hit-and-run injury. rescuers lifted three people off the hillside off the christmas tree road after they were hit by a car. a foot pedestrian was also hurt. police did find and arrest the 23-year-old driver. >>> california law banning therapy aiming at turning gay minors straight has been blocked by a federal court
you. as expected north bay saw heaviest rain today. abc 7 news is live from petaluma now. >> like tell you, showers popping up here, too. here in the north bay, heavy down pours created spotty problems here. this parking lot this morning was flooded. right after this owners couldn't get a truck in or out. water receded now as we speak but owners expect it to happen over again this weekend. >> that is soil. >> leeland says he's been down this road before. at least, his parking lot has, now submerged in water. >> first place to food is petaluma is sometimes the only place that floods in petaluma. there has been a lot of work done to contain flooding downstream. and this happens to use this morning's down pours turned a creek twhaz barely battling into a waterway. and this overflowed banks. >> this is yesterday we're seeing ground, grass, puddles. if you can believe predictions of the rain we're supposed to get this, will flood. >> those who haven't had water encroach on them are doing what they can to make sure it doesn't. next rounds of rains line up on the coast. rob works for a refrid
say the petaluma river could also overflow its banks. don is in napa. >> reporter: it has been raining all effect and is continuing to rain -- all evening and is continuing to rain now. it's the rain to the north of here up by st. helena where rain is accumulating in the canyons and the creeks and coming down this way. people are waiting now, people who are concerned about living in the low-lying areas, they're going to bed tonight with some sense of confidence. others are still working to protect their property. crews were working into the night to remove about three dozen cottaged mounted on mobile home frames from the river point resort. the rising rivers cut short vacations for guests. so far, the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and even parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks delivered 50 tons of sand to this lot at first street and freeway drive and folks were filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. folks june and her husband. >> the situation is i live on a creek. we had a
from about an hour ago, and the rain started to come down in petaluma. the russian, napa and petaluma rivers flirted with flood stage on sunday. river levels are now down low. the fire chief in san rafael says they're currently more concerned about potential landslides. meanwhile caltran is hoping tonight's rain will not cause more problems along highway 1 in san mateo county. crews have been working to stabilize erosion at devil's slide following the weekend's storm. one-way traffic controls were in place today after a complete closure last night. >>> now, to the south bay where crews are working to repair a washed-out road in the santa cruz mountains. county officials had hope today reopen road near scotts valley as a one-lane road today. they now hope to reopen the road tomorrow afternoon restoring the road back to two lanes, however, could take months. more storm watch coverage later in this news cast as meteorologist rosemary orozco has your complete forecast at exactly 7:23. dpo to ktvu.com to track weather conditions any time and click on the storm wauf tab for a lirng to live
here. 50s for many and 60s with a brief rain and much colder. 36 in napa, 39 in santa rosa and petaluma and santa rosa is reporting fog so be careful. get used to these readings low clouds, fog, chilly lows or cold lows. mid-50s and very low 60s. >> brief morning rain and we will have colder here and it looks like rain returns on saturday. >>> 5:07 new this morning, burglaries are on the rise in one south bay city. jeanine della vega has more on where it is happening and how police are warning residents, jeanine? >> reporter: this is known as a green leaf neighborhood on 101 and this area has been hit hard by thieves... [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] . >> all right, we obviously have a technical problem, jeanine della vega is reporting and we have a technical problem and we will have more coming up. >>> a disturbing problem, a group saw an increase in attacks last year. >>> plus a radio steaks is at the center of that royal hoax that ended in a tragedy. >>> everything looks good between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the
. terry mcsweeney will have an update in a bit. south 101 washington petaluma clearing stages of that accident could be cleared by now. north 680 at mckey, accident in san jose, first reports east al 0 at eden canyon of an accident. -- >>> you just said it, at 121 and 12 still impassable. terry mcsweeney is there with more on when the intersection might reopen. >> reporter: the best i can give you is sometime today. folks here did not get what they wanted for christmas, a new road. every time they have heavy downpours and high tide this is what happens here at 12 and 121. pictures from last night give you a better idea of what it looks like cars couldn't get through, too much water, combination of the down poeur and high tide sometimes -- downpour and high tide, american canyon, water piled up highway 12 and red top road, same story in richmond, over on mcdonald avenue, same story in berkeley probably wherever it was you were yesterday you had a moment of downpour, then there is what the story of people who didn't have enough water. >> we have bottle water. >> reporter: a woma
.l. already dropping into the 30's. petaluma, right now-- already 30's in petaluma. and albany, checking in at 42 degrees. for tonight, a cold night the coldest temperatures are right at sunrise. we could be in the upper 20s. for tomorrow, some patchy fog in some spots. and a cool afternoon with highs only in the low mid '50s. and a weather system that could bring a little bit of rain fall. for new year's eve night. here is the satellite and the storm. with clear skies and there is the next system. that is due in for monday. clear conditions and noon tomorrow there is the bay area. cloud-free. this will remain off into the ocean for midnight tomorrow. and that will allow temperatures to get even colder for tomorrow night. these clouds will arrive by 8:00 a.m. on monday. they will continue to thicken. gray notice, some of this rainfall will stay offshore but some showers will be rotating to the bay area for new year's eve. i think that by that time it will o'clock roles are around that we could bring and the new year. by -- midnight rolls around. >> with temperatures below freezing in the
for you. look at the north bay. a line of light to moderate rain. santa rosa, rohnert park, petaluma, saint he lone na, snow -- st. helena, sonoma. we've been watching of on-and- off showers all morning long. palo alto, los altos. dumbarton bridge. some of this not shutting the ground just yet. san jose, campbell. we will continue to track this for you throughout the morning hours as well as the afternoon. bill martin will be in here later today. a winter storm warning above 3500 feet starts at noontime. if you plan to go to the sierra, go now. here is a look at what you can expect by the end of the day. the rain anywhere from .50 to 1 over the north bay. .25 to an 1 over the south bay. it will be windy t will be a quick mover -- windy. it will be a quick mover. scattered showers tonight, scattered showers tomorrow morning and then we're finally going to get a break that lasts a few days. saturday i see a possibility of showers there. overnight lows in the upper 30s. afternoon highs in the mid-50s. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. >>> well, the pope delivered his annual christmas
101 in petaluma approaching the old redwood highway. be aware. caltran is currently on the scene. here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza as a wet deck with no accidents to report out oakland into the city if there if it is drive the most part here at the san mateo bridge the problems coming from the toll plaza and the westboundsouthbound 101n gate bridge standing water on the span. some light rain is in reported very you want to drive with extra caution for your ride coming out marin county. guys. >> thank you erica. the wet weather is causing problems in san rafeal. they are keeping a close eye on creeks that have swollen in recent raids. and with the storm this morning they are looking for more rising levels. at&t's been denied drying out phone lines that were drenched on sunday night. especially for residents were still cleaning up mud from sunday's rain. crews will be out in the north bay this morning to continue assessing the damage. >> in vallejo couch trans crews had to shut down the connector ramp from interstate 802 highway 29 to clean up the mud slide. the soil was
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